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Sunday, June 25, 2006

a small FO, some WIPs

i finished this little triangle scarf the other day. please ignore my puffy and overexposed face, and the fact that the scarf totally clashes with my t-shirt. yikes. anyway, hannah and jenny and i all started these during a girls' night a while ago, and i finally got to work on it again now that the big ugly throw is finished. i used a strand of malabrigo and a strand of lamb's pride worsted, and i did two-row stripes and carried the yarn so i wouldn't have to cut it. i just increased one stitch every row until i got toward the end, then i increased two stitches every row.

it's also good for playing banditos.

the fair isle jazz scarf is about three-quarters of the way done. i won't bore you with another progress pic since it looks about the same, only longer.

i also started this little guy because i was watching a bollywood movie and i needed a project i could work on and still be able to read the subtitles. it's the circular vest/shrug that made such a big splash on craftster:

i'm using a double strand of this surprisingly nice sock-weight acrylic that my best friend brought me back from spain. you can check out the pattern here, if you're curious to see how this is going to turn into a vest.

i'm also planning to start on a super special secret project soon. we'll see how secure i feel about posting progress pics once i get started on it...

and a last pic of the throw:

yay for snuggles.


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous jenny said...

triangles! i love my triangle, i miss it since it's packed up somewhere in boston. and i adore yours.

p.s. every time you post a picture of your homespun throw it makes me want to make one...which is a scary thought. did you design it yourself? and how much homespun *did* you use???

please don't let me make one, it might kill me. i have the patience of a short-living bug.


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