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Saturday, January 27, 2007

back from the dead!

wow, it has been way too long since i posted on this little bloggie. my apologies to anyone who actually reads it.

BUT! i have been knitting. boy, have i. first:

i made these pretty pretty princess socks for my roommate's birthday way back in december. i combined the basic structure of the thuja socks from knitty with the king charles brocade pattern from vogue knitting. i know it's really hard to see the stitch pattern, but it's basically stockinette with purl stitches forming big Xs. i used artyarns supermerino again, and i have to say, that yarn is gorgeous. it's a superwash, which worried me at first because i thought the socks might lose their shape. but they emerged from the washer just as snug and about ten times softer. yay.

then spent most of my christmas break working on this monster:

actually, "monster" probably isn't fair. the only thing monstrous about it is the amount of time i spent on it. so this here's my forecast, made from oh-so-delightful cascade 220 in a charcoal tweed color. it came out a little shorter than i'd planned, but i was afraid to make the ribbed section at the bottom longer for fear i'd run out of yarn for the sleeves. so she's just gonna have to stay cropped like this. dang my long torso!

i've also been making lots o' hats:

this one's for my jane.

this one's for a boy.

i also made one for myself out of the leftovers, but i haven't photographed it yet. for the top one i used the center square pattern (from knitty, por supuesto), and for the one to the right i did the same construction but used the "chesapeake" motif from vogue stitchionary 3. i used patons shetland tweed chunky for all three, which is surprisingly nice for a lower-end yarn. it's very soft and warm, and i love colors of the little tweed flecks.

next up: i'm making a tubey for myself (since i'm apparently on a mission to make everything from that issue of knitty) out of some baby alpaca brush that i got on sale. i'm also making some socks for my mama (also out of artyarns supermerino) and a shrug to wear to a wedding i'm bridesmaiding in. whew!