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Monday, August 14, 2006

fertig! *

* = done!

so here i am modeling the vicki shrug and pretending to be a badass in my cop shades. this was a fun little project -- the pattern is in the spring rebecca, and i used misti cotton, which is a bit fuzzy but otherwise quite nice. it also doesn't take much yardage -- i barely started on the second skein!

if you're thinking about making this, make sure you give it a good stretch when you're blocking it so the lace pattern shows up better. i also recommend addis for this yarn -- i was using bamboo needles at first, and the cotton yarn just didn't want to let go of them.

seriously though, i love knitting for other people, but it's time to knit something for the ashley now. to that end, i started on my very first pair of jaywalkers this weekend! i'm using regia 4-ply and they look quite lovely. i'll try to post a picture of them soon.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


i am in deep smit with this scarf:*

so here's the lovely danica, ready to wrap itself around my beloved's neck and keep him toasty warm.

what's that you say? my beloved's neck (along with the rest of him) is in the south, where it's unlikely to need any help staying warm for another two months or so? you make an excellent point. fortunately, my beloved has a birthday conveniently located in october, right at the beginning of scarf-wearing season. so i guess i'll have to hold on to it until then. oh darn.

anyway. i freaking love this scarf. i have big plans to make one for myself one of these days.

but first! i'm making the black lace bolero from the spring rebecca for a friend of mine's birthday (which is technically already past, but i think she's still accepting gifts). i don't have any progress pics because my camera's not robust enough to get those awesome lacy details, so it would just look like a black blob. but trust me, so far it's looking quite fetching. i'm using misti cotton, which has a nice sheen to it since it's 20% silk. if it continues to be this pleasant to knit, maybe i'll whip up one of these for myself as well.

*bonus points if you can identify this quote.