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Sunday, June 03, 2007

wot i've been up to

gah, i've been such a bad blogger! here, maybe this will make up for it:

here's sock pal sock #1! i'm using the pomatomus pattern from knitty and it's really fun and not nearly as hard as it looks. and this picture in no way does justice to the gorgeous yarn (mountain colors bearfoot in mountain tango). yum.

here's what else:

more thuja socks out of artyarns supermerino, this time for my mommy.

some flap-top mittens i whipped up in april when i realized it was still forty degrees every day. i used nashua wooly stripes tweed. *heart* there's just something about tweed i can't resist.

this is a halter top i designed out of some berocco echo i bought two years ago when it was discontinued. at the time i bought one of their patterns to make a sleeveless cropped top, but it turned out hideous and way too big. so i decided that at some point in the future i'd rip it out and redesign it, and it's been in the back of my closet ever since. until now! overall i like how it came out, but the fit still needs some tweaking, as you can see. it was really hard to make that center band tight enough to stay in place, and the back sags a little.

i've also been trying my hand at some t-shirt recons. this is my favorite so far. i used the "cover girl" pattern from generation t, but i modified it so that it actually covers my boobs.