Beans & Cornbread

A Texas girl eats and knits her way across crabby old New England

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


the secret project, unveiled! *swish*so i'm making the danica scarf from the winter knitty for one of my favorite guys, probably my most favorite. i'm using berocco ultra alpaca, and so far i love love love it. it's been a long time since i've been this excited about a knitting project, and it's not just because of the person i'm making it for (although that helps). i love the yarn, i love the colors my coworkers graciously helped me choose, i love entrelac. it's a good thing i'm making it for someone i'm in love with, or i'd be tempted to keep it for myself.

on a less thrilling note, i finished the circular shrug, but it looks dumb because i ran out of orange with two inches to go on the ribbing, so i had to finish it in navy blue. now the ribbing doesn't match up, so i have to dye the whole thing black. which is fine because i'll probably wear it more that way, but it still feels like somewhat of a failure. ah well.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


stick a fork in 'er, she's done! (and just in time for sweltering heat!)

so here's my fair isle jazz scarf in all its glory (and yes, i am wearing my pj's. shut up). i won't be wearing her anytime soon, but i'm pleased with how she turned out. i used mission falls 1824 wool in the colors recommended in the pattern (which is from scarf style), and i followed the pattern except for where i f'd up on the colorwork and didn't feel like ripping it out. i was a little worried about the colorwork sections because they were puckery, but blocking smoothed them out.

also, here' s my progress thus far on the circular vest/shrug:

this one has been a nice quick, easy knit so far, but i'm a little concerned that i might run out of yarn. my best friend gave me three skeins of it, all different colors. i already used up all the green, and as you can see, i'm perilously close to the end of the orange skein. since it gets folded in half and seamed along the sides, both orange sections have to be the same length. which means, if i run out of yarn first, i'll have to rip it out and try to figure out how to add another color (navy blue) in there. boo. i'm actually considering finishing it with the navy and then dyeing the whole thing black.

i just got back from a visit home, and my stash got a huge shot in the arm (not that it needed it!). i bought six skeins of divine blue sky cotton to make a licorice whip, and some sock yarn to make a pair of jaywalkers. i also took the plunge and bought three skeins of berocco ultra alpaca for the super special secret project. hopefully i'll get to start that one soon.