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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

soft like a bunny

that's how my new sweater feels:

so here's my tubey. i knit it out of plymouth baby alpaca brush, maybe four or five skeins of the main color and one each of the contrasting colors. So. Freakn. Soft. not to mention warm. as for the pattern, this is maybe the easiest sweater i've ever made. the construction is unusual, but aside from picking up a gajillion stitches when you're starting the body tube, all the techniques are really basic. i added some shaping to the body tube because i could tell it was going to be too big, but the original pattern doesn't even have any increases or decreases. and did i mention there are no seams to sew?! awesome.

another thing i love about this pattern is how easily you could modify it to adapt to different gauges and textures of yarn. my original plan was to add a big cable down the front just to spice things up, but i was afraid it wouldn't show up in all that fuzz.

mommy sock #1 is almost done. i won't bore you with pictures yet since it's just another pair of thujas.